Reasons Why Professionals Switched to Non-Toxic Sealant

Non-toxic surface sealants are best to protect the durability of your concrete, paver, natural stone, and brick surfaces. They hinder air, pollutants, insects, and water from getting inside your exteriors. Not only this, but sealants also increase your house value by preventing elements from harming the structural stability of your place.

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Pros of Using Non-Toxic Surface Sealants

The type of sealants you use either makes or breaks your surfaces. These sealants penetrate your surfaces and can highly affect the durability and look of your walls, driveway, patios, and pool decks. So, it is necessary to buy nontoxic and eco-friendly sealants for your surface.

With hundreds of types of sealants available in the market, you should select a non-toxic sealant. Here’s why:

Safety of Children and Pets

Does your dog sniff and lick almost everything? If yes, he is going to lick your sealed exteriors too. Exposure to toxic sealants is dangerous and can be life-threatening too. Whereas non-toxic sealants are safe for both your pets and your naughty munchkins.

Let us tell you a fun fact! Non-toxic sealants are even used in your baby’s cribs, sandboxes, and swing sets.

It is Durable

We are not only concerned with your sealants being healthy for the environment but we also want your investments to last forever. Non-toxic and eco-friendly surface sealants are durable and reliable as well. They are prepared using nanotechnology formulas that are promising and protect against cracking, warping, and cupping in your sealed area. 

Protection of Surface

It goes without saying if you spent a handful of money on the protection of your paver through sealants then the exotic look of your surface must be protected at any cost. This is where a non-toxic sealant comes into action. Eco-friendly sealants are not only good for the environment but also provide a whole new level of protection to your surface.

 This is due to the water-based formula used in non-toxic sealants that lets your surfaces breathe and remain fresh, as they should be.

Cons of Avoiding Non-toxic Surface Sealants 

You must be thinking “What harm can a little bit of glue cause?” Well, countless harmful chemicals that are used in this little glue possess potentially dangerous effects for everyone. This includes:

High levels of VOCs

I know what you are thinking. What high level of VOCs can do?

For People

The high level of Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs used in the majority of toxic sealants leads to serious problems. Excessive VOCs used in sealants can result in headaches and itching in the eyes, nose, or throat. Long-term exposure to high levels of VOCs can even damage the kidneys.

For Environment

Volatile Organic Compounds are also potentially harmful to the environment. They are capable of creating photochemical reactions in the atmosphere that result in increased air pollution.

Unpleasant Odor

Toxic sealants contain high levels of Silicone that produces an unpleasant smell. This type of sealant is known to cause lightheadedness, severe headaches, and dizziness due to its overpowering odor.

Prolonged Drying Time 

High levels of chemical compounds in toxic sealants take a long drying time. It requires a certain moisture in the air to completely set on the surface.

A photo from a customer 

Sold on buying Non-toxic Surface Sealant? We recommend Deco Products 

Deco products offer a line of waterproof coatings that are not only non-toxic but also eco-friendly. These products have been trusted by contractors and architects for more than 28 years. Their penetrating and tropical sealants are a hit and just the right product for sealing your surface.

Wet-Look Paver Sealer - Silacast B.E.S
Wet-Look Paver Sealer - Silacast B.E.S

Wet-Look Paver Sealer - Silacast B.E.S

5 Gallon Deco 20 Paver Sealer
5 Gallon Deco 20 Paver Sealer

Clear Coat Paver Sealer - Deco 20 Clear

Paver Sealer for Travertine, Tiles or Natural Stones - Travacast
Paver Sealer for Travertine, Tiles or Natural Stones - Travacast

Paver Sealer for Travertine, Tiles or Natural Stones - Travacast

High Power Sealant Remover - StripaCast
High Power Sealant Remover - StripaCast

High Power Sealant Remover - StripaCast


SilaCast - SilaCast sealants of deco products are perfect for your concrete pavers, natural stone, roof tiles, and barrel tiles. They are non-toxic polymer emulsions carefully designed to enhance the look of your surface through their wet-look quality.

SilaCast is a single component, easy to use sealer, and can be applied with a spot or garden sprayer.

TravaCast - TravaCast is an acrylic sealer designed to enhance and protect materials like tiles, travertine, or natural stone. This decorative sealant has high resistance against chemicals and promising durability. This excellent sealant has the quality of self-leveling when applied to a surface. 

Deco20 - Deco20 is also a non-toxic sealant that is best for the protection of concrete surfaces and has high resistance against water damage. It is best to apply this sealant in the early hours of the morning for the best results.

Deco20 Clear is a 100% transparent sealant and can amazingly reduce the growth of mildew on roofs.

Super Stripa Cast - StripaCast is a non-toxic spray designed to help you in removing and stripping out old worn-out sealers. Apply StripaCast to the surface before applying decorative sealers like Deco20, TravaCast, and Silacast.

The Bottom Line

Sealants are amazing shields for your exteriors against all elements that might be harmful. But it is necessary to select non-toxic sealants to ensure the safety of the environment and your loved ones.